Standing Room Only: Articles by Alan Ayckbourn

Standing Room Only (Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent, 1963 production programme note)
"1972 will always be remembered as a decisive year in the history of the automobile industry. Customer demand dried up instantly and finally.
"It all started, as was expected, in London during the rush-hour when a lady motorist attempted to navigate around a traffic island in an anti-clockwise direction. "It looked," she explained afterwards, "so much quicker." Two hours later, the police were still trying to extricate her car from between two double-decker buses. Horns were in full chorus - voices in their thousands near hysterical. A traffic warden, unashamedly and quite suddenly burst into tears. Still later, a constable was ordered to locate the extent of the jam and divert any traffic still approaching. He was not heard of again for two days until he telephoned from Sussex to say that the situation seemed in his opinion, serious. The Prime Minister curtailed his holiday...."
Extract from View Children's Tele-history of England (1983) vol.9 by T. Paggett T.V.M.A.

"Now 25 years afterwards, we dedicate our story to all the busmen and women who are still standing patiently by their vehicles."

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